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Online Craps

Try Our Free Craps GameOnline craps represents a new paradigm in gaming, and provides some interesting possibilities for players in general. The same rules apply for online craps though, and playing smart bets over dumb ones is something that will never change. But this page should be a comparison of online craps and casino craps, not a lesson. To find out more about playing check out our strategy page.

Online craps can be quite a different experience than casino craps, but not necessarily a less fun one. In fact, it could quite possibly be considered a more intelligent decision to play online. Craps is notorious for being an uproarious game, and with all of that hooting and hollering comes a fairly healthy dose of distraction. Couple that with the fact that craps is a game where money moves fast, both towards you and away from you, and you have a whole heap of trouble on your hands. Playing online craps on the other hand, lets you take some of these variables into your control.

For starters lets take a look at the environment. The craps environment in a casino is built upon having a little party around the table. See with craps, unlike most if not all other casino games, you get to play along with the other players at the table. When one person wins, everyone making that bet also wins. So you get some camaraderie and some feeling of being on a team, or being at a party. For a lot of people this is the essence of craps, but for others the essence is to make money. For those folks, online craps may be your best bet. Online craps games have a little way to go yet before they can simulate the craziness of a real casino, but we can treat this as a good thing.

At home you get to control your own environment. You only drink if you want to (sure the choice is yours in a casino too, but with free drinks being offered and brought to you itís often harder to say no), you donít have lots of gorgeous women with low cut tops all over you offering alcohol (unless youíre a luckier man than I). My point of course is that while the casinos distract you, online craps canít do the same. Your sitting down (you canít sit down at a casino craps table unless your disabled or have more money than the casino itself) in your most comfortable chair, with a nice refreshing drink, perhaps some relaxing or uplifting music. You get to choose. You get to play the game that is surrounded with distraction, in the most calm serene environment imaginable. Now * thatís * what I call an advantage.

To fully understand this inherent advantage of online craps you probably have to try it out for yourself. If youíve never played craps in the casino before itís not a bad idea to have your first experience online, as the intimidation factor isnít quite so intense. So try it! Sit down and step up to the table! I donít have much to say about where you should gamble online, but I do know that most online casinos offer a free version of craps. All Iíll do is recommend a non-biased gambling portal ( that can give you some options for places to try out.

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