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Controlled Throw

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Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to walk up to a craps table knowing that you had an excellent chance of creating a hot table. Picking up the dice and being able to throw number after number without throwing a seven.

How would you feel being able to make come bets and place bets and knowing that you were going to collect winnings, sometimes large winnings, before sevening out?

No doubt you’ve seen or experienced the excitement at a hot table. All the numbers being stacked with chips, the yelling and screaming players, dealers pushing large stacks of chips to winning players, and pit bosses walking around the table with nervous looks. Nothing beats the atmosphere of a hot craps table.

If you’re a craps player, you’ve been there. It’s by far the most exciting part of gambling for any of the casino games.

This is what a controlled throw or rhythm rolling in craps is all about, to allow you to create a hot table and to fill your rack with chips. Now no one can guarantee that you will win every time but you should be able to win often enough to create some wonderful profit possibilities.

Everything written about the game of craps says that the game is “A game of independent trials” that the dice out come is random. You may be wondering how you can create a hot table and not throw sevens. Well there is a way and it really does work.

Most casino’s know about the controlled throw but they can’t do anything about it, it’s not cheating so some casinos will simply have their dealers to ask you to stop throwing in that manner. Other casinos don’t care as long as you don’t hold up the game. If you still have your doubts just as a craps dealer that has been around for a while, they’ll tell you that they’ve seen rhythm rollers in craps games before.

Early forms of the controlled throws had the shooter sliding one die down the table so that the six remained up, then they would place bets on the field and since the field bets pays off on a 9, 10, 11 and 12 the shooter had a 4 in 6 (66.7%) chance of winning. Sliding the die down the table was outlawed and prevented by placing a string across the middle of the table to catch a sliding die.

The modern approach to a controlled throw does not involve sliding the dive down the table. We will be throwing the dice in high arc above the tabletop, land an inch or two from the back wall and gently tap it.

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