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When wrong is right.

You wouldn’t notice Jack at a craps table. He’s not like many craps players, who get excited every time they win a bet. Jack tries to wedge himself in next to the dealer and keep a low profile. You see, Jack is something of a pariah at the dice game. Even though he’s quiet and reserved, as well as being a true gentleman, Jack might as well be the devil himself. You see, Jack is a wrong bettor.

Nothing aggravates a volatile shooter more than someone who consistently bets against him. They may not say anything for a while, but eventually they will explode, especially if the wrong bettor wins more than the shooter.

Most wrong bettors look for “cold” craps games as they are betting that the shooter will fail.

A common system used by wrong bettors is to place a $5 bet in the don’t pass line, and when a point is established, add single odds. Adding two don’t come bets, and add single odds to those wagers is the next step. If the wagers are won, you start over again with the same $5 don’t pass bets, but this time add double odds when a point is established. Again place the two don’t come bets, with double odds on those bets.

If you win, then the $5 don’t pass bet will be topped by triple odds, and two don’t come bets will complete your wager.

If you lose, then it is back to square one, and the single odds. When you reach the odds limit, double your initial wager until you lose.

With this system, you will tend to win more than you lose, keeping the losses to a minimum. If any shooter makes three passes, stop betting until the “hot” streak ends.

You won’t win a fortune with his system, but then again, you will not blow your entire bankroll.

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