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Craps is quite possibly the easiest game to find in a real-world casino. All you need to do is look for a mob of people huddled around a table, jumping up and down, throwing high-fives, and hollering. There can be no doubt about it craps is the most exciting, blood-pumping casino game there is. Like other casino games such as blackjack and poker, craps is a game of high skill, and it can be played with great success if you’re technique is perfect. Instead of betting on the dealing of cards, however, you bet on the rolling of two six-sided dice. Even though no online casino will ever be able to recreate the intensity of playing craps in a real casino, playing online craps can nonetheless be fulfilling. Thanks to the fine art of computer programming, the rolling of dice can be simulated realistically by random number generators and the graphics in most online craps games are second only to the real thing. With the table layout and the odds for online craps being the same as they are for the real-life game, online craps is easy to learn and pickup.

The first impression most new craps players have is that the game is thoroughly confusing, mostly because the table looks like some sort of intricate circuitry. However you will quickly discover, that the game is not difficult at all, and all the betting options available are what make the game so exciting. Following are a few of the basic bets you can make at the craps table.

In craps you can choose to bet either for the shooter or against them. The first type of bet is the line bet. Line bets are even money bets that pay back approximately 98.6%. A right bettor is wagering that the shooter will win and bets on the pass line. To place a pass line bet, before the initial roll simply place a chip in the box labeled “pass line”. To win a shooter must roll either a seven or an 11 on the come-out roll (the first roll), or establish a point, which is done by rolling a four, five, six, eight, nine, or 10 on the come-out roll. Once the point has been established the shooter must roll the point number again before rolling a seven. After a point has been established, pass-line bets cannot be removed and are in limbo until the bet is either won or lost. The shooter continues to roll until they roll a seven or the point number is rolled. If a seven is rolled after the point number is established, the pass-line bets lose. This is called sevening out. A roll of two, three or twelve will also cause the pass-line bet to lose. This is called crapping out.

Another even-money craps bet is the come bet. Right bettors will collectively bet the pass line, and wrong bettors will bet the don’t pass line. Don’t pass bets are even money bets like the pass line bets however they win when the shooter craps out on the come-out roll by rolling a two or three or if they roll a seven before repeating the point number once a point has been established. Don’t pass bets lose when the shooter rolls a seven or eleven on the come out roll or if after they have established the point, they repeat the point number before rolling a seven. Don’t pass bets, unlike pass bets, can be taken down after a point has been established; however the odds are in your favor if you leave it up. To make a don’t pass bet, simply place your chip(s) in the box labeled “Don’t Pass Bar.” A don’t come bet is made by placing your chip(s) in the box labeled “Don’t Come Bar.

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