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Craps - Roll, Ride, Win

Craps is the fastest, most thrilling table game in the casino. When you pass by a noisy craps game, you can almost smell the adrenaline as the dice fly through the air. The game induces the giddiest highs and the most miserable lows in its players.

Craps once ruled the roost at the casino. This was the game of choice for established gamblers and thrill-seekers. Unfortunately, the game has lost its popularity at a steady rate over the last 20 years, most likely because new players don’t want to take the time to figure out the game. Generally the problem a new player has with craps is that it’s not a game that they feel comfortable joining; the intimidation factor in craps is very high. The complex layout, incomprehensible jargon, and the activity that resembles the chaos of the floor at the New York Stock Exchange.

You can relax; it really is not that scary. If you concentrate on the simple bets – which surprisingly, are the ones with the best odds – you will quickly get a grip on the game and discover its remarkable appeal. There is not other game in the casino that’s has more personality and offers more camaraderie. Craps players let it all hang out at the table as they celebrate and despair together. If you give this exciting and streaky game a try, you may soon find yourself hooting, hollering, and throwing high-fives like an old pro.

One must approach craps with some caution – not because it is an exciting fast game, but because money can be won and lost very, very quickly. The game also has a split personality – there are excellent bets (with a low house edge) and bets that are not so excellent. After you’ve read this site, you will be able to distinguish the good bets from the bad bets. ::More

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